About All on Board

About All on Board

Financial inclusion is one of the main pillars that ABJ focuses on, which is in line with the National Financial Inclusion Strategy (NFIS) and banks efforts in promoting such inclusion. While financial inclusion targets all segments of the population, it pays more attention to certain priority segments; the most vulnerable groups, which traditionally have lower levels of financial inclusion such as youth, women and refugees.

Women economic empowerment includes increasing their access to finance ensuring equal opportunities and achieving gender equality. 

Supporting and empowering women's participation is of great interest to the banking sector in Jordan especially with regard to promote women’s access to corporate boards and senior management positions in banking and financial institutions to ensure the reduction of gender gap.

Globally, there are many voices calling for the increase of women's representation on corporate boards and senior management. The Central Bank of Jordan directed banks to enhance women’s participation by increasing women’s representation on the boards of banks to 20% and to 25% in senior management by 2024.

One of the main challenges facing banks and corporates’ endeavors to identify qualified women in managerial and board positions may be related to the lack of a comprehensive national database that provides detailed information on the qualified women leaders that fit with the requirements of senior positions.

In close collaboration with its partners from the International Labor Organization (ILO) and Amam Ventures, ABJ launched this national platform to serve as a repository for women who have the appropriate experience, qualifications and sufficient training to fill senior positions.

With the objective to improve diversity and gender balance and increase women’s participation and representation on the boards, AllonBoard.jo is a platform that aims to show competent and experienced female professionals as candidates for leadership and corporate board positions in Jordanian corporations.